Torah: In Pirkei Avot we read: “Moses received Torah at Sinai..” Note, the text does not say that Moses received the Torah at Sinai. Rather the way that it is expressed, it might be better translated as “Moses received instruction at Sinai.” At Anshe Hesed we take this idea literally – that we continue to find new meaning in Torah. Through “lifelong” and “all age” learning we continue to make a life of Torah the center of our congregational life. As the Talmud says: Tzei ulmad – go and study!


Adam and Rabbi

Avodah: Avodah means both service and worship. At Temple worship involves Hebrew and song, English and praise, innovation and tradition. We enthusiastically believe that when we engage in service, whether for Temple or for the larger community, we are engaged in a different type of worship. We believe that both avenues to living the covenant of Sinai are essential.

גמילות חסדים

Mitzvah DayG’milut Chasadim: Social justice as taught in the Holiness Code (Vayikra/Leviticus 19 et seq) is at the heart of Prophetic Judaism. Temple Anshe Hesed takes its mission from its name. Anshe Hesed means “People of Loving Kindness”. The congregation tries to live by its name, and its members pursue lives devoted to acts of loving kindness.


Social Action

Take a look at different events, occasions & happenings here at our Temple.  Our Mitzvah Day celebrations, Tikkun Olam, simchas and special occasions are captured in our galleries.


Our community is actively involved with coordinating the efforts of the congregation’s activities, fulfilling the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.


We welcome everyone, Jewish or not, Member or not, to attend our classes and programs. Please join us!


The Richard and Janine Dreyfus Library is a real treasure for the Temple family and for the greater Erie community.

israeli dancingAdult Education

Jewish learning is lifelong. At Temple Anshe Hesed, we make it fun!




jewishholidaysWe are well into the fall with the leaves providing us with spectacular colors.  Although November does not have any Jewish Holidays, we can say we are resting up for what is to come.  With the High Holidays, Sukkot and Simchat Torah behind us, we Jews can refocus all of that energy and begin the arduous task of getting ready for winter.  This is one of my least favorite things to do.  It reminds me the snow will be on its way.  It’s not all bleak.  Hanukkah is coming and the Russian Community’s latkes and Sharon Levick’s famous brisket will provide some much needed comfort food.  Expressing thanks for our food and our existence is part of the Jewish way of life.  As Jews, we say several short “thank you’s” every day. We wake up in the morning and say a prayer called Modeh Ani, thanking God for returning our souls to our bodies.  Before eating, we give thanks for the bread we have been given.  When we finish eating, we say a thank you blessing for the meal.  All of that food is processed into a restroom bodily function.  There is even a prayer of thanks for being able to do that.

Sam Warshaw will be called to the Torah for his Bar Mitzvah on December 2, 2017.  Did you know that Sam is one of the originators of the “Warshaw Woo”, which is now a staple of our Friday night Shabbat services.  We love the “Vishamru” with the Woo.   Sam has put much effort and energy into this special moment.  Knowing Sam, he will do an awesome job leading us in services.  Read more about this fine young man in the

Temple Topics.