List of Temple Funds

Below are listed the funds and the purpose for which each is used.  Contributions may be sent to the Temple office and an acknowledgement will be sent promptly to the person being honored or to the family in whose memory your gift has been made. (There is no mention of the amount contributed.)


Art Fund                                                            

Purchases and maintains objects of art for Temple.        

 Baum Family High Holy Day Music              

Augments funding of music for High Holy Day Services.

Baum Family Scholar/Author Fund             

Funds a visit of Scholar-in-Residence or literary figure.

Baum Family Youth Fund                              

Provides annual Youth Group discretionary expenditures.

Caring Fund                                                     

Provides life cycle assistance to Temple members.

Cemetery Endowment Fund                         

Provides funds to maintain and perpetuate the Temple Anshe Hesed Cemetery.

Gasche Music and Education Fund           

Supplements the music program and assists the education program with ongoing quality programs and projects.

Gesher Education Fund                                

Provides for educational needs of the Gesher Education Program of the Temple.

J. Leonard Ostrow Fund                               

Awards a scholarship annually to youth to travel to Israel or other approved educational travel.

J. Sender Square Maintenance Fund         

Provides funds for the maintenance of the parking area.

Kramer Library Fund                                      

Provides the library with funding to purchase books and materials.

Ner Tamid Society                                           

Funds are received from bequests and gifts may be used as the donor designates or for unrestricted purposes.

 David Siegel Fund                                          

Provides scholarships for youth to attend the Union of Reform Judaism leadership camps and Institutes.

Endowment Fund                                           

Augments the dues and other sources of Temple income.  Contributions of $750 or more entitles a name to be place on an endowment plaque and the Perpetual  Memorial list.

Franklin L. Fox Educational Fund               

Provides for speakers on relevant Jewish subjects.

Prayer Book Fund                                           

Purchases, repairs and replaces prayer books.

Rabbi’s Mitzvah Fund                                     

Contributions honor the Rabbi and the funds are used for causes the Rabbi deems significant.

Remembrance Fund/ Perpetual Memorial Fund                   

A contribution of $200 or more memorializes a loved one by having a name inscribed on the Perpetual Memorial List, recited on the anniversary of their death and listed in the Yom Kippur Roll of Remembrance.

Ruth Blick-Silver Outreach Fund                 

Established to ensure the continuity of Outreach and In-Reach programs.

Tree of Life                                                       

A donation of Chai ($18) commemorates life events with an engraved leaf on our Congregational Tree of Life on display in Morris Schaffner Hall.

Yom Kippur Fund                                           

Provides for charitable, humanitarian, religious, and educational endeavors.

Zacks Fund                                                      

Provides for ongoing Leadership Development training.