The Gesher School

Our Gesher Education Program Mission Statement

The Education Program of Temple Anshe Hesed is committed to fostering and instilling a Reform Jewish identity through lifelong educational experiences in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Yom Kippur 2012
Gesher Youth Education Program

Our Sunday sessions range from special programming for the very young up to  through the post-confirmation class in the twelfth grade. Midweek classes focus on intensive Hebrew and Judaic study for grades three through seven. Studies leading to B’nai Mitzvah and Confirmation are provided.  Upon completion of the Gesher program, the Jewish Community Council of Erie provides substantial scholarship funding toward an approved trip to Israel for eligible students. Tuition fees are required for the religious school’s Gesher program. 

The Gesher program provides formal and informal learning experiences for our students. All grades have the opportunity to lead worship services and teach Torah. Tzedakah and Gimelut Hassadim are modeled and practiced throughout the year with Mitzvah days and various class projects. The relationship with Medinat Yisrael is valued within the program and within our Jewish community