Janine & Richard Dreyfus Library

The Dreyfus Family

The Richard and Janine Dreyfus Library is a real treasure for the Temple family and for the greater Erie community. It includes books of Jewish content, books by Jewish authors and a vast collection of books for young readers. Jewish scholars find the library to be a great resource center. The   Walter and Joan Harf videotape and the William and Libby Penn books–on–tape collections have been added to the print media. Dr. Richard and Janine Dreyfus lovingly presided over the development of the library and committed both time and material resources to it.  Currently, the Library Committee is continuing the tradition through the further development of this incredible resource.  The Library houses a very impressive collection of materials on the Holocaust. In addition, the Temple has compiled an Outreach collection of books that serve as a resource for Interfaith families, those seeking to begin study concerning the holidays and enrichment of Jewish living and those who are just beginning to study about Judaism as part of the process of conversion to Judaism or who are simply seekers of more information about Jews and Judaism.