Contact Rabbi Rob Morais at 814-454-2426

Rabbi Rob Morais comes to us with over 21 years of experience. He has served in both small congregations (60 families) and most recently large congregation of over 300 families. Rabbi Morais is spiritual, empathic, collaborative, warm, compassionate, and able to inspire; a Rabbi who understands that Judaism is not just a Jewish education, but rather a Jewish experience that will make Reform Judaism come alive in Erie, PA and the surrounding region. 

He is a Rabbi who is a strong leader with the ability to bring families and individuals together including those who are interfaith and LGBTQ. Our Rabbi often serves as our representative at interfaith gathering, as a lecturer within our educational systems, and as a guest Rabbi for services at the Chautauqua Institute.  

Rabbi Morais teaches our youth and adults Jewish education and religious practices, and, provides meaningful services based on the connection between traditional Jewish philosophies and contemporary issues. 

Rabbi Morais is able to relate to congregants of all ages. Time and again he’s shared his love of teaching all ages and his love and continued interest with the youth. He has 20 years of experience with NFTY and camp and is currently on the faculty of the camp in Camp George. 

Rabbi Morais is easily accessible to congregants of all ages. He is a certified Jewish Spiritual Life Coach which is a wonderful skillset to bring to his rabbinate. Rabbi Morais has and does conduct Jewish marriage ceremonies for interfaith and LGBTQ couples. He does not participate in co-officiating in interfaith marriage ceremonies. 

In summary, Rabbi Morais brings a calm maturity, compassion, energy, and love of teaching both youth and adults. His communication and interpersonal skills serve him well within our congregation and the community at large. His approach to programs is collaborative, creative and versatile. And, he has organizational experience working with boards, and supervising staff.  Rabbi Morais is a strategic thinker is an asset to our congregation and community.

Rabbi Morais can easily be reached by calling Temple Anshe Hesed at 814-454-2426 (extension 3) or by emailing him at: rabbimorais@taherie.org.


(814) 454-2426

5401 Old Zuck Rd., Erie, PA 16506